Thursday, July 19, 2012

Half Price Sale - til Saturday 1pm!!!!

OOOPS - so long since I posted on here!
Today is the fourth day of our BIG FABULOUS HALF PRICE SALE!
We dream of clearing all the rails for our new, exciting venture.... Rummage Co-Op opening on the 1 August.
Our Co-Op will consist of five lovely women, all of whom make or source recycled, upcycled, handmade items/clothes/jewels/bric a brac of gorgeousness...
The shop will get a whole new look/
So excited!
Meanwhile, get there quick to snatch up some Serious Bargains!
Half price means dresses are around R40, jeans R30 etc - cheap as chips! And there are some TREASURES there!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1st Birthday Sale!

We have been open a year! (or a little more, in fact... We opened in March 2011)...
And so... we're having a big, beautiful sale day in our shop and garden!
20% off everything in the shop.
On Thursday and Friday
That's THIS WEEK - 26 and 27 April. From 10am - 3pm.
Hope you can come!

Last year's sale:

Our ad for this year's sale

An historical (!) ad for the opening of Rummage last March...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello again... we are still open!

Goodness me! How long it is since I last wrote a little blog snippet.
Much has happened in some ways, and not enough in others.
Much in the way of comings and goings amongst ourselves, but that's not interesting to a vintage shopper like yourself.
Not enough in the way of NOT ENOUGH new customers discovering the wonders of our tiny emporium on the farm.
The latter is probably because we are so very out of the way and off the main shopping route, but let me preach to you converted and say: it will be worth the journey!
Sold this weekend was a genuine pair of printed leather Emilio Pucci court shoes with fabulously long ankle ties, in his signature swirly op art print. Those were a mere R300: eat your heart out!
Still in the shop are some absolute winners: 60's frocks, 50's mohair tweed coat, evening frocks, cheomsangs in various shades, gold sandals, straw hats, vintage jewellery.....
Come on  - make the journey out to Kommetjie!
And we may even be serving great coffee and cake when you get here...

60's op art frock... R80

some patterns to whet your appetite...

So you recognise us when you get to Imhoff's Farm - we're on the hill...

Shop interior

50's swing coat... R100 I think

Vintage Diesel cotton printed flares...

See you soon...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Some new vintage lovelies (oxymoron?)

This has been a good week for old things! First I wandered into an antique shop and got chatting to the lovely Mary there. And she told me she had taken possession of a load of old clothes and only wanted the evening dresses and would I like to look through the others? Yes, yes I cried! And did. But they were froma dealer so the price was not a bargain, but nevertheless I invested in these two beauties:

 The one above is by Jane Milano and is a size 36 and features a fab 70's swirly peacock fabric. It is maxi length and has groovy, adjustable ruched sleeves... Very stylish - would suit a gal with long flippy 70's hair!

 And this one is a great 60's design, a size 36/38, also maxi length and the label is Rosella. Thought it was rather splendid and can imagine it being worked with a good platform or wedge and big plastic earrings?

And then a lovely lady, who had bought clothes from Belinda and I in the days of the now-defunct Noordhoek Country Fair, came wandering into the shop with a bag full of clothes from the church bazaar which she knew were just too splendid to put on the white elephant, so, for a donation to the church's outreach project, they were safely brought home to Rummage! Here is one of them (one other requires some tender laundering and the few more were nice but more modern, so they are on the racks...).

Isn't it lovely? It is a cotton floral fabric (and florals are all the rage, darlin); full length, wide almost circular skirt and fitted bodice. It is a size 36/38, label Kemp Modes, Arnhem (see? imported Dutch vintage - and you know how stylish the Dutch are? They are! I went there in the late 80's, fresh from lefty, grungy UCT, in my dodgy jeans and tekkies - and boy, I felt like a no hoper!)
Just letting you know there are some beauties lurking on them Rummage rails so hope to see you there soon.
Really hope to - because today we had NO sales... boring as hell!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vintage - 60's vs 80's

I am so old that I was alive and actually wearing clothes in the 80s (and even buying vintage in the charity shops of Pietermaritzburg as a teenager), so I can't get my head around the fact that the HIDEOUS frocks that my mother wore, are now considered "vintage" and even stylish. Eeek. They certainly weren't stylish then and even now, they just look seriously BAD to me! So here are some gorgeous pieces that I (in my great age!) feel are seriously vintage - and stylish! (And they all cost R120 or under!)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Plastic frocks for the rain...

Was a bit reluctant to open shop this morning without my feline friend to greet me. And it was raining. But the way to let go and get happy and liven up is to get BUSY. I cut out some funny "paper doll" type frocks from plastic tablecloth fabric to dress the "gals" outside. Don't like to see them bare to the elements! Here are today's outfits...

Monday, November 7, 2011

A sad day at the shop

Today is a very sad day for us. Our darling cat, pictured in the previous post, instead of meeting me at the gate as he did every morning, was lying dead on the lawn next to the gate. I think the cat flu, or maybe even feline aids, was too much for his frail little frame. What a sweet chap he was, and how we will miss him. We have buried him at the gate so that he will be with us always. Poor little thing.